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Electrical Rewires Glasgow


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Part and Full Rewires Glasgow - Paisley - Newton mearns

W.E.S Electrical are specialists in 17th edition full electrical rewires, from the first fix of cables to the fitting out of the sockets and switches W.E.S Electrical can take care of all your Rewire needs from start to finish.We have over 20 years experience in rewiring and refurbishing existing and New build Properties in and around the Glasgow area.

Our services range from minor alterations and repairs to a full or part rewire. Our first point of call is a free onsite quotation for your rewire, we woul come to you to inspect the full extent of what you need, somtimes you may just need an electrical upgrade as in a rcd consumer unit, but if you do need new pvc insulated cables installed we go over step by step what we need to do. we would have w ritten contract signed up to ensure you know what your getting. As for a time scale an average rewire can take from 4 to 6 days for a 3 bedroom house. once completed you will get a test certificate for all new circuits installed.

On average a cost for a three bedroom up and downstairs house is £2400, now this price can vary depending on specification, design, number of points, style of lighting, and other variations that can arise.

As with everything we do at W.E.S Electrical we do all our paperwork before a job starts, both partys sign it and we commence work after that. We feel doing our business protects you as the customer and us as the electrical contractor for any issues that can come up or be questioned.

Electrical rewiring involves the replacement of old, dangerous or non-compliant electrical equipment, eg; cables, fittings, distribution boards, etc.

This work can vary from a full rewire replacing all cables, fittings, distribution equipment, etc with the cables chased into the walls & completely hidden to a surface rewire where the cables are hidden in mini trunking fitted onto the surface of the walls.

A part rewire may be the replacement of a section of the installation or just the updating of the fuseboxes, fittings or cables to upgrade an installation to the current regulations All work is documented with installation and testing certificate for the rewire work and both our customers and engineer sign to agree a schedule of work and payment.

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